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Commercial Photographer

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A modern timber clad property on a sunny day


Wolverhampton Property Photographer

Professional property photography offers numerous benefits when marketing real estate. Firstly, it significantly enhances the visual appeal of a property, capturing its unique features and highlighting its best attributes in high-quality images. These compelling visuals not only attract more attention but also leave a lasting impression on potential buyers or renters, increasing the likelihood of inquiries and viewings. Additionally, professional photography can help establish credibility and professionalism, instilling confidence in prospective clients and setting a property apart from competitors. Moreover, it facilitates effective online marketing efforts, as eye-catching photos are crucial for engaging potential buyers in today's digital age, ultimately leading to faster sales or rentals and potentially higher selling prices or rental rates.

We do not use HDR for our property Photography as we feel it creates an unnatural look, we Professionally light all our properties to create natural, beautifully finished results.

Prices are based on, half day shooting (up to 4hrs) is £200 and full day shooting (up to 8hrs) £350, editing is priced separately at the same rate. 

we will shoot a property at intervals throughout a day to capture daylight and dusk, etc when required.

As a general rule of thumb it usually requires two hours of editing for every hour of shooting.

Discounts apply for 5 or more properties shot within the same month.

Go carts travelling at speed around a race track


Wolverhampton Commercial Photographer

Professional commercial photography offers invaluable benefits to businesses across various industries. With  expertise in lighting, composition, and image editing, we can capture high-quality images that showcase products, services, or premises in the best possible light. These captivating visuals not only enhance marketing materials but also strengthen brand identity and credibility, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers. Additionally, professional commercial photographers understand the nuances of different marketing channels, tailoring their images to suit specific platforms such as websites, social media, or print advertisements. By investing in professional photography, businesses can effectively communicate their unique selling points, stand out from competitors, and ultimately drive engagement, sales, and growth.

Commercial work is priced on an individual bases, generally half day shooting (up to 4hrs) is £200 and full day shooting (up to 8hrs) £350, editing is priced separately at the same rate. 

Generally each hour of shooting requires the same time in editing.

Discounts are offered for larger projects over several days within the same month.

Jeff Stelling with Manchester City mascots


Wolverhampton Event Photographer

Utilizing professional photographers for events offers numerous advantages that contribute to creating memorable experiences and maximizing the impact of the occasion. Professional photographers bring expertise in capturing key moments, emotions, and details, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the event from start to finish. Their skill in composition, lighting, and timing results in high-quality images that reflect the atmosphere and essence of the event accurately. These professionally curated photos serve as powerful marketing tools, enhancing promotional materials, social media posts, and press releases, thereby extending the event's reach and engagement both during and after its conclusion. Furthermore, hiring professionals alleviates the burden on event organizers, allowing them to focus on other crucial aspects while ensuring that photography needs are met with precision and excellence. Overall, professional photographers elevate the value and impact of events, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and stakeholders alike.

Events are again charged at day rate as for commercial work,

half day shooting (up to 4hrs) is £200 and full day shooting (up to 8hrs) £350, Editing is priced separately at the same rate. 

Generally each hour of shooting requires the same time in editing.

discounts are given for multi day events booked in the same month.

A corporate headshot of a  business man wearing glasses on a white background

Head Shots

Wolverhampton Head Shot Photographer

Professional headshots offer numerous benefits, particularly in today's digital-centric world. They provide a polished and professional representation of individuals, whether for corporate profiles, business websites, social media platforms, or professional networking sites like LinkedIn. High-quality headshots convey competence, credibility, and approachability, making a positive first impression on potential clients, employers, or collaborators. Moreover, they contribute to brand consistency and professionalism, aligning with the overall image and values of the individual or organization. Professional photographers understand how to capture subjects in their best light, ensuring flattering yet authentic portrayals that inspire trust and confidence. Ultimately, investing in professional headshots can enhance personal and professional opportunities, facilitating networking, job searches, and career advancement.

Head shot Photography has an initial £45 set up fee, then it is £35/ Person which includes 2 edited images chosen by the client.

A minimum of £200 is charged for headshots if less than 4 people are required.

Travel Costs

No Travel charges for the first 10 miles

           it is 0.45p/mile thereafter

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